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Microsoft brings more Internet security to Windows 10 with DNS over HTTPS

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Microsoft brings more Internet security to Windows 10 with DNS over HTTPS

Security requirements and concerns have been growing in recent months. Increasingly aware, users demand the most from their systems and the protection they seek to provide.

A novelty that recently emerged was DNS over HTTPS, initially in browsers. Microsoft had promised its version for Windows 10 and has now tried to fulfill this will. The first steps have already been taken within Windows 10.

Microsoft brings more security to surf the Internet

As an essential element for surfing the Internet, the DNS must be secure and protected. In its original form it had no security measures, but the evolution brought several improvements. The most recent of these is DNS over HTTPS (DoH).

It is still at a very early stage, but the latest build of Windows 10 has received a very important security novelty. With the new version 19628, launched this week, HTTPS DNS implementation began to take shape.

An important novelty for Windows 10

It will thus be possible for the Microsoft system to use DNS servers over HTTPS that guarantee much superior protection and security. All communications will become more secure and impossible to be altered or heard by any attacker.

This novelty is still being tested in the Insiders program and therefore requires the latest build of this development line. To activate it is necessary accomplish a change to the Windows 10 registry and then set up a server that supports DNS over HTTPS.

Windows 10 Microsoft DNS HTTPS Internet

The protection that DNS over HTTPS brings

For now there are not many DNS services with this novelty available on the Internet. Still, we have several well-known service proposals. These are the ones you should put in Windows 10, as we explained.

Services you can use

Service Name
Server IP address

2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1111

2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1001


2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8888

2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8844


2620: fe :: fe

2620: fe :: fe: 9

It is not certain when this news will finally reach Windows 10, but Microsoft is working on its implementation. When that moment happens, it will be an advantage for users, who will be able to guarantee above-normal protection.


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