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Microsoft continues to invest in Android integration in Windows 10

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Microsoft continues to invest in Android integration in Windows 10

Microsoft has been opening Windows 10 to other systems. The integrations already made with Linux and even with Android itself are very visible, increasingly present and ready to be used directly within this system.

If on Linux the news came out with the May update, with Android there are some improvements. The most recent one brought two new functions that are sure to be undeniably useful for all users of both systems.

A novelty for those using Android

The app Your phone bridges the gap between Windows 10 and Android. With your add-on for the mobile system manage to have a real use of what is happening on the smartphone. Without lifting or turning it on, they can look at the screen without it being active.

It started with a simple photo synchronization and has grown to what it is today. They now access all notifications and even calls in real time, trying to be an extension on the PC of what is available on the smartphone.

Android Windows 10 messaging smartphone version

Windows 10 users thank you

Microsoft has kept the developments active and a novelty is about to reach this union with Windows 10. This has been seen over the past few years and is expected to continue.

It is focused on an area that many think is disappearing, one that, in fact, has gained some vitality and, mainly, usefulness.

Android Windows 10 messaging smartphone version

Messages are autonomous

We are talking about text messages that now can still be displayed in a linked way and that will have another enticement for those who use them more intensively and widely. They become a simpler and more useful way to use in Windows 10.

In the most recent version, this message area has a PiP function, in which it is removed from within the application, going to its own window. So they can continue the conversation through messages without stopping work, being always attentive.

Android Windows 10 messaging smartphone version

Any smartphone can use this novelty

In addition to this novelty, another was also discovered. All images received by messages are a surprise. When clicking with the right mouse button, there is the option to remove the present text. Then, just paste in a text editor.

These are the improvements that Microsoft has been able to create and thus make this its unique tool and independent of equipment. You only need an Android and its add-ons to be fully autonomous.


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