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Microsoft has also introduced an antivirus to be used on Android and Linux

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Microsoft has also introduced an antivirus to be used on Android and Linux

Microsoft’s new position on the systems that are competing with its systems has long been known. The brand has embraced Linux and has a strong presence and integration with Android. Also looked at macOS and has there edge and other news.

With this expanded presence, it is natural that you will continue to develop solutions for these platforms and a novelty has now arrived. Microsoft already has an antivirus for Android and Linux.

Microsoft security solutions have gained prominence in Windows. They are increasingly capable and can be as or more secure than those of their competitors, with the advantage of being integrated into this system and what it requires.

A new antivirus for Android

Now, and to further extend the offer, there is already a public solution testing of the security version for Android. This antivirus integrates with the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) security solution. It is dedicated to companies and organizations.

Microsoft Android Linux antivirus security

With this proposal Microsoft wants to prevent Android users from being exposed. It offers an anti-phishing solution that blocks access to dangerous links in the browser. It can be centrally controlled and configured and optimized in the same way.

Microsoft Security Solution for Linux

But because Microsoft’s security solutions want to go further, the company Presented yet another novelty. Now Also Linux has an antivirus, which can be used in most distributions used, both for server and desktop.

Microsoft Android Linux antivirus security

Like the Android version, so will the one dedicated to Linux will be integrated into the ATP of Windows Defender and thus offer a remotely controlled and monitored solution. Thus, it will be simpler to evaluate your behavior and the threats present.

Once they’ve reached macOS and promised to extend to other areas, it’s now Android and Linux’ turn. The iOS version will arrive later. Microsoft shows you how you want to be present on all systems with your solutions. It’s an important stance that seems to be bearing fruit.


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