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Microsoft promotes the use of Edge in Windows 10 again

by ace
Microsoft promotes the use of Edge in Windows 10 again

Microsoft has a new browser on Windows 10. The new Edge wants to become a reference in the market and has been a very big bet by the software giant in this area. This is a proven browser.

It is natural that Microsoft wants to promote the use of Edge on a maximum of platforms and that is why it has been creating campaigns within Windows 10. The latest one has arrived and certainly tries to get users to use this browser and not those of the competition.

Edge is succeeding in imposing itself on the market

The fight for the top of the browser market has brought the 3 biggest rivals that exist face to face. Even having the same base as Chrome, Edge has managed to prove capable of meeting with Firefox and certainly surpass it in the number of users.

This performance comes from what you can offer, but also from a little more and some help. Thanks to what Microsoft has put on Windows 10, users end up being led to try and use this browser.

Microsoft Windows 10 edge browser use

Windows 10 has new advertising for this browser

Microsoft now has a new campaign in hand and is aiming weapons at the competition. It appears in Windows search and is very visible for those who use this important feature of Windows 10.

Here the message is clear and tries to get the user to test the Edge. With the message “Try the new browser recommended by Microsoft” you want this to be another alternative and to be tried to show what you can offer.

Microsoft wants to promote its use

Apparently this message appears only to those who already have Edge installed and who can install it. The message itself can be easily removed by pressing the close button. The rest of the users will not see this message in Windows 10 search.

This is just another campaign that Microsoft puts on its operating system. They have been appearing in a rhythmic way, mainly promoting their products, especially Edge, not always in the most obvious places.


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