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Microsoft recognizes that OneDrive has had problem in Windows 10 since update

by ace

The May update of Windows 10 was not as innocuous as expected. The problems, even if controlled and in small numbers, have been a headache for users.

These continue to appear and show that this new version is not entirely free from abnormal situations. Now it has been Microsoft itself to come to the public to recognize that OneDrive has also been affected with this new update.

Another problem in Windows 10

Over the years, OneDrive has been integrating uniquely with Windows 10. It is already an almost invisible tool for backups that the system uses in a useful way and to provide security.

This leads to the fact that many files end up in this cloud and remain there until the user needs them, not taking up essential space on the disk. It is precisely in this function that a serious problem is now emerging for some users.

OneDrive crashed properly

From what is revealed, since the May update of Windows 10 that OneDrive has stopped working properly. It constantly indicates connectivity failures and prevents access to those user files.

Windows 10 OneDrive Mirosoft update issue

Even being reported and reported almost since the update came, Microsoft just now recognized the problem and admitted that it is working towards its resolution in an upcoming Windows 10 update.

Microsoft admits problem with update

While admitting this flaw to its update, Microsoft also offered a temporary solution. This involves running the command below in a terminal or PowerShell window as an admin, which will change a registry key.

reg add HKLM System CurrentControlSet Services Cldflt instances / f / v DefaultInstance / t REG_SZ / d “CldFlt”

This is therefore expected to be another problem to be solved soon. Microsoft will have an update within a week where news may appear for several of these issues that have affected Windows 10.


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