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Microsoft released Windows 10 update with many essential fixes …

by ace

The May 2020 update of Windows 10 brought a lot of news, but it also opened up some flaws and some problems for users. Microsoft has released new fixes, but not always with the expected results and even with complicated effects.

A new set of improvements has now been introduced and made available to Windows 10 users by Microsoft. This update mainly promises to solve many problems with this system and thus seeks to bring improvements to users.

Another Windows 10 update

It was just a few hours ago that Microsoft announced and released its latest Windows 10 update. This is dedicated to the 2004 version, that is, the latest major update of this operating system. It appears marked with the identification 19041.423 and is known as KB4568831.

As a cumulative and intermediate update, it will not be installed automatically or offered to users. They will have to actively search for it and then install it manually on Windows 10.

Microsoft wants to solve problems

This update essentially focuses on fixing problems that the previous version brought to this Microsoft operating system. We talk about flaws and errors that were discovered after its release and that are preventing Windows 10 from working properly.

Windows 10 update Microsoft problems fixes

Of the many corrections, the problem that prevented access to the Internet when using a modem is certainly noteworthy. There is also the arrival of the solution to a known problem with the Settings app, which prevented it from being opened by users.

Fixes that improve this system

Other corrections are also in network printing. Some apps were having trouble accessing this function, which is now resolved. In the field of ARM64 devices, there are also bug fixes and security refinements.

As we said before, this update will not be installed automatically or proposed to users. They must actively do their research and then install it manually. Alternatively, it can be discharged Microsoft Update Catalog.


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