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Microsoft Solitaire celebrates 30 years … who has never played Windows Solitaire?

by ace
Microsoft Solitaire celebrates 30 years ... who has never played Windows Solitaire?

It was probably the most relevant game on computers in the last 30 years. There may be no data to support this probability, but there shouldn't be anyone using computers since 1990 who has never played Solitaire. Apart from this statistic, Microsoft has included the game in its Windows operating system since Windows 3.0. The game was developed in 1989 by Wes Cherry. The back of the cards was designed by a NeXT employee, Steve Jobs’s company, Susan Kare.

Microsoft created Solitaire to bring people closer to using the operating system. With this, the company also wanted to help users who were not yet familiar with the system's graphical interfaces. As, for example, with the use of the mouse, in the necessary “drag and drop” technique.

Microsoft Solitaire Game turns 30 on Windows

It may possibly come as a surprise to some that the Solitaire game is still immensely popular to this day. According to Microsoft, the Microsoft Solitaire Collection aggregates more than 35 million players per month in more than 200 countries, in 65 different languages. Thus, more than 100 million hands are played every day.

If you ask a group of "old guard" users, surely your first gaming memories will target fantastic stories about the first time you killed a villain in Doom, explored the lush worlds of Myst or went hunting on The Oregon Trail.

However, for many others, Solitaire was the first game they played on a computer. People barely turned on Windows, looked for folders and the games folder attracted. The letters, a very familiar image, immediately attracted.

Play Solitaire to train the mouse in Windows windows

The version of Solitaire that we all know and love debuted 30 years ago, more specifically on May 22, 1990, as part of Windows 3.0. The game was not only a great way to pass the time, but it also helped dozens of people learn to drag and drop items on the screen with the help of the mouse.

The use of the mouse, at the time, was something new, it was a huge leap from the intensive use of shortcuts by the keyboard keys, to the icons and movements of a cursor on the screen. This was a revolutionary new tool that came to Windows. Thus, and showing the popularity and importance of this game, Microsoft Solitaire was introduced to the World Video Game Hall of Fame by Strong National Museum of Playin 2019.

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