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Microsoft Surface Duo may have a multitasking feature

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Microsoft Surface Duo may have a multitasking feature

Gradually we have access to more information about Microsoft’s Surface Duo, and a more faithful picture of reality begins to be created. The Redmond company’s equipment is expected this summer, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a pause in production of various technologies.

A new rumor now comes to put the possibility of Surface Duo being able to bring a refuse that allows multitasking.

Surface Duo may allow multitasking

There is more and more information about microsoft’s new equipment, whether in specifications or images.

A recent rumor, advanced this Friday, June 26, by the website Windows Latest, indicates that Surface Duo will bring a new feature called “app groups” or group app. This feature is similar to the App Pair, which comes with the Galaxy and Note range.

According to the site, this tool will make it easier to use two applications simultaneously, one on each screen. This will be possible when the user defines the groups, whose shortcuts are created and pinned to the home screen.

So if you create a group, for example, with Power Point and Word and pair both tools, when you open the group the two apps will open each one on your screen. The user can then use both applications at the same time.

Microsoft Surface Duo may have a multitasking feature

via GSMArena

What to expect from Microsoft Surface Duo

According to some information that was being revealed, but unofficially, surface duo is expected to bring an 11 MP camera, a Snapdragon 855 SoC processor, 6GB of RAM and internal storage of 64 GB or 256 GB.

The two displays will be 5.6-inch AMOLED, 4.8 mm thick and full HD 1800 x 1350 resolution, and are adapted to be compatible with Surface Pen.

The Surface Duo battery will have a capacity of 3,460 mAh, with support for fast charging via USB-C. But there is still the note that the current trial version has no wireless charging, nor the NFC option.

Microsoft Surface Duo may have a multitasking feature

At the operating system level, everything indicates that the device comes with Android 10, however it should be updated to version 11.

Microsoft plans to have completed the final version of the apps pre-installed on Surface Duo by the end of June. All these apps will be adapted to work on both screens. And you can see how some of them are going to work here.

Surface Duo should also have a fingerprint sensor and space for a nanoSIM.

Other rumors indicate that the equipment is released on the market before the end of the year, probably already in august.


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