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Microsoft to change Windows 10 search with PowerToys Run

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Microsoft to change Windows 10 search with PowerToys Run

If Microsoft is certain to focus on Windows 10 developments, it is also certain that it has side projects to improve this system. The case of PowerToys is a perfect example, having been recovered recently.

This set of additional tools brings new features to essential areas that everyone can take advantage of. The latest version of the PowerToys brought Run, the app that promises to change the search in Windows 10 completely.

A unique novelty for Windows 10 search

Searching in Windows 10 is not the simplest. In addition to all the weight that indexing brings, and with several known problems, it is stuck in very specific areas and without freedom for users.

That's why the latest version of the PowerToys has substantially improved this element. With Run we now have a search accessible anywhere and with a simple sequence of keys completely customizable.

Windows 10 Run PowerToys Microsoft Search

Run will change the way you look at this system

After installing the last version from PowerToys Run is immediately accessible. Pressing the Alt + Space keys opens a new search area, where you just have to write the name of what we are looking for. Windows 10 proposals immediately appear, to be used.

Run has the possibility to look at the operating system and offer all kinds of answers. We talk about applications or files that directly on that interface can be called to later be used as the user needs.

Windows 10 Run PowerToys Microsoft Search

Microsoft PowerToys have many good tools

As is normal with Microsoft products, the possibility of customization is great. They can change the key sequence to call the Run or the maximum number of results to be displayed. Of course, if you don't want it active, you can just turn it off.

This is undoubtedly a completely different way of searching on Windows 10. From what you can see, it would be great for Microsoft to bring Run into the system natively. Enjoy and explore also the other tools present in PowerToys.


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