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Microsoft Word – The best tips for students # 3

by ace
Microsoft Word - The best tips for students # 3

With classes taking place, much of the study and work is done on the computer and online. To help students in this task we have selected some essential tips so that the works done in Word have more quality and are structured in a better way.

In addition, some of these tips will help you to be faster in performing some tasks.

The first tips for Word

Since the third school term started, in Pplware we have already left several tips for students, essentially, to improve their work written in Word. These were the tips already covered:

  • Create a draft
  • Insert page numbering
  • Writing equations
  • Paste information from Word clipboard
  • Insert page breaks
  • Modify and customize formatting styles
  • Automatically change formatting
  • Working in groups in Word

These tips can be found in part 1 and part 2 of this article.

For today we bring you some more tips.

Work with pages side by side in word

Sometimes the work requires a continuity of visualization that is not possible with the page layout that exists by definition, with the pages run vertically. Basically, with this tip, you can have two pages simultaneously in Word, instead of one.

To place two pages side by side, you should go to View and, in Pages Movement, choose the option Side by Side.

Work with pages side by side in word

Hide white space between pages

Another problem associated with the visualization of text in Word is related to the white space between pages. When there is a lot of flowing text, it becomes difficult to have a continuity of thought with that break.

Hide white space between pages in word

To eliminate this space, you simply have to double-click with the mouse, in the page separation area and the union takes place.

Automatically save the document

It has all happened to us that we are working and failing the light, running out of the PC battery or, simply, Word letting it respond. By default, an Automatic Document Recovery is performed every 10 minutes. However, in 10 minutes a lot of work can be done … and lost. Therefore, the ideal is to adjust this time to your needs.

To do this, go to File, followed by Options, in the lower right corner. Once Word Options is open, choose Save. Then you can define the interval time for automatic recoveries and other parameters.

Automatically save the document

If something happens that causes Word to close without having saved the document properly, automatic recovery will appear on the right side as soon as you open Word again. Just double-click to open and resume from the moment the last automatic recording was made

Document saved in word, recovered

Insert footnotes

Footnotes are essential to leave useful references and indications throughout the work. These can be added automatically, which makes your organization much easier.

Simply place your mouse cursor in front of the text that will receive the note. Then, you will have to go to References followed by Insert Footnotes.

Microsoft Word - The best tips for students # 3

In addition, endnotes can be added, which do not appear at the end of the page, but at the end of the document or a section.

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