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Microsoft's new Edge for Windows 10 is coming for everyone in a …

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Microsoft's new Edge for Windows 10 is coming for everyone in a ...

Microsoft's Edge has undergone several profound changes to Windows 10. This was a browser developed in-house, but the decision made opened its development to other important areas.

It started to be based on Chromium and follows all the developments that are made in this browser from Google. This frees teams to participate in other improvements and ensures that they are always up to date. Well, this browser has now become the official Windows 10 and is available to everyone.

The new Microsoft browser

Since the first versions of this browser, Microsoft has made it public and open to everyone. Its 3 versions allow it to have several stages of development and thus follow what is produced over time.

Microsoft eventually launched its official version, but it could only be installed manually. This limited their membership, because only those who knew what to do had access to this new feature in Windows 10.

Edge Microsoft Windows 10 browser update

Update for everyone on Windows 10

Its massification was promised soon, through an update open to all. For that moment has arrived and the new Edge is already available in an update to be installed by everyone who is not yet using this browser.

It started with two updates, but Microsoft ended up joining them and thus providing a single update for all versions of Windows 10. Just access the Windows updates and this new browser will be present to be installed.

Edge Microsoft Windows 10 browser update

Transparent replacement between the Edge

Another novelty that comes with this installation is the removal of the previous version of Edge. Microsoft guarantees a transparent migration between these two versions of this browser, the data being transferred and even the shortcuts will be kept.

If you haven't tested the latest Microsoft browser yet, then this is the time. It has already proven itself and is now above what Firefox has, with many more users. Just install the update and it is immediately ready for use.


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