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MIUI 13 is already being developed by Xiaomi and these are the news that …

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MIUI 13 is already being developed by Xiaomi and these are the news that ...

Xiaomi's work on the development of MIUI 12 is starting to be seen now. The company has just presented the latest version of its user interface and in June a stable version starts to reach users, in a first phase. But MIUI 13 is already being considered.

Right on the day he made version 12 known, he started looking for people within the community who were interested in helping with development. And what will the new MIUI 13 be like, when it will hit the market and what smartphones will it receive? There is already speculation.

Considering that MIUI 12 has just been introduced, version 13 is expected to appear in a year, between May and June 2021. For now, Xiaomi has the strong community to realize the best of version 12 and that that needs to be improved in the future. Thus, MIUI 13 will be designed.

On the Chinese website dedicated to the Xiaomi community, the company left a message of thanks to all those who are part of it, for the support and love shown by the user interface. In addition, next to this message, an invitation was left for them to participate in the development of the design and features of the future version 13.

However, there are already several expectations of what the future of MIUI might be.

Xiaomi MIUI 13 – what to expect?

MIUI 13 is expected to improve the interaction with the screen. In other words, the touch sensitivity will bring improved animations, there will be support for recording the native screen and improvements in terms of capturing screenshots with additional quick editing features.

MIUI 13 is already being developed by Xiaomi and these are the news that ...

The MIUI theme is expected to be even more minimalist and the improved always-on display. Another interesting aspect that is being pointed out for the new interface is the possibility of scheduling airplane mode.

The option of quick responses directly through notifications is something that Xiaomi has already improved with MIUI 12, but it should also be a bet from MIUI 13, possibly even more optimized and with more associated fast features.

Dark mode, of course, is also expected to receive improvements. Even more apps supported and more effective scheduling or activation, depending on the usage habits of each person.

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Ultra fast charging and energy saving functions will also be a focus for the next version of MIUI.

The smartphones that will receive the future MIUI

The Xiaomi Mi 6, Mi 6X, Mi Note 3, Mi Mix 2 and Redmi Note 5 should have their last update on MIUI 12. These are expected to be discontinued on June 20, 2020, at least as far as the Chinese version of this ROM is concerned. Therefore, it is likely that all others eligible for MIUI 12 will also receive MIUI 13.

And now, do you want to test MIUI 12 on your Xiaomi smartphone?


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