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Nearby Share: Google file sharing is already in testing on Android

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Nearby Share: Google file sharing is already in testing on Android

It is true and known that Google has a novelty to be prepared for Android. Nearby Share will be an opportunity for users of this system to share files with each other quickly and directly without internet access.

There was not yet a date or time for his arrival, but Google seems to have just begun the testing process. Nearby Share has begun to appear to some users, who may already use this novelty to share files above all.

Nearby Share is already in testing

Google has long been expected to introduce its Android file sharing service. This had already appeared several times, albeit indiscreetly and without being official. The work had been going on for some time, but now everything seems to have changed.

According to what some users are reporting, Nearby Share is coming now, albeit in a limited way and in a beta release. The latest version of Google Play services, also it in beta, has this novelty.

New Android coming soon

The novelty now appears discreetly in the Android sharing menu, thus giving the possibility to be used. Of course you need another smartphone with this novelty also present, so you can create the share and send the file.

The first time it is used, Nearby Share must be configured. Here you will be asked for the name of the device to be presented and also other relevant and important information for this sharing process.

Simplified file sharing on Android

Of course, whenever there is this sharing attempt, the user is notified and both have to agree to the process. The user can also define how it is done (data, WiFi or no Internet) and who can see it.

It is still too early to be massified and even not all users of the Beta Google Play services are having this novelty. It is expected to soon be extended and certainly brought to smartphones with android version 6 or higher.


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