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Next Linux kernel will come to Windows 10 automatically soon

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Next Linux kernel will come to Windows 10 automatically soon

The union of Windows 10 and Linux happened in a natural way and even much simpler than would be expected. In a transparent manner, this system received its rival and became integrated.

Of course, Microsoft has not stopped improving this component, because it is under the tight evaluation of users. The second version of this kernel will arrive soon and will be part of the next major Windows 10 update.

Linux and Windows 10 increasingly united

Microsoft revolutionized its operating system some time ago. With Windows 10, he decided to create a Linux subsystem and thus give users access to what this second system can offer.

Of course, for that he had to incorporate a Linux kernel in his system, which can be called up at any time. This is a distribution that is able to offer what the user needs, and there is also the possibility of installing new distributions.

Windows 10 Linux Kernel WSL2 update

WSL2 comes with an update

Until now this kernel was installed manually and with a great dependence on what the user needed. Of course, this made it limited to more experienced users and who knew the instructions needed to do so.

This process will soon be changed completely, with a change that Microsoft will make. With the 2004 version of Windows 10, WSL2 will be incorporated and will be part of this update. It is known that it will arrive very soon to be installed on millions of PCs.

New kernel that further improves integration

The basic idea is to place WSL2 within the Windows update process. Thus, and in a simple and fast way, Microsoft can release updates and corrections if necessary. It will also isolate you from the operating system itself and thus make any update independent.

Despite this change, when this update is released, users will have to install WSL2 manually, via a normal extra update. Only in a few months will it be automatically installed and maintained.


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