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NOS launches NOS Kids tariff for 5 € and NOS Safe Net offer

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NOS launches NOS Kids tariff for 5 € and NOS Safe Net offer

We are close to World Children's Day. This year will be different, but that doesn't mean it can be worse. Since we are in a reinvention phase, NOS announced today that it will launch the NOS Kids tariff for 5 €.

Find out how this offer works.

NOS Kids tariff allows you to call 10 numbers of your choice

O NOS Kids tariff consists of a mobile service designed for the little ones that adapts to the child's age, ensuring safety and parental control (content and activity management) through NOS Safe Net and NOS Kids App.

In addition to the mobile service, the NOS Kids tariff includes free access to the content service in streaming, Mini NOS Play which provides more than 3,500 contents, including films and children's series. These and all the thousands of cartoons and favorite series that appear on television can be seen, everywhere and in complete safety through the NOS Kids App.

In summary, children can:

  • make and receive unlimited calls to a group of 10 numbers chosen by parents.
  • Has internet traffic to access online content – including 25GB of NOS Kids App, 2GB of Youtube
  • 1GB of data – always securely with NOS Safe Net.
  • Access movies, series and cartoons for free with the NOS Kids App

NOS launches NOS Kids tariff for 5 € and NOS Safe Net offer

Until the 3rd of June, NOS will offer a new NOS 4 package with UMA box with 200Mbps speed, a 10GB card and a NOS Kids card for new memberships for just € 64.99. Additionally, during the campaign period it is possible to add a third 10 GB card for just € 15 (with a discount of € 5 included). The NOS Kids tariff is also available to add to other eligible packages for € 4.99 / month.

NOS Safe Net 6 months offer when purchasing a selection of Kids equipment

From May 29 to June 15, NOS will also launch a € 70 discount campaign on the purchase of the Samsung A40, the smartphone recommended for the little ones, to which it adds a special offer to ensure greater security: six months of NOS Free Safe Net, the antivirus and parental control service from NOS.

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