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Not all the news of Android 11 reach the smartphones that receive this…

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Not all the news of Android 11 reach the smartphones that receive this...

Since unveiling the first versions of Android 11 that Google has been developing and melhroar this new system. Packed with news, this promises to be another excellent version.

Now that the test version is on the street and accessible to a set of smartphones, it was expected that the news would continue to emerge. Interestingly, what has been revealed is nothing positive. Not all the news presented can reach all smartphones that receive Android 11.

What’s new outside Android 11

The many new features of Android 11 have been being discovered and presented by Google itself. These promise to improve Android and make this system safer and with many more important features. According to recent information, not all improvements will be effectively accessible to everyone.

Everything seems to be dependent on a document that Google has for its manufacturers and where there are funcinalities that are mandatory to have on Android. In Android Compatibility Program created for Android 11 there are some that are optional.

Google Android 11 novelties smartphones functionality

Google controls what needs to be implemented

A preliminary version of this document reveals that, for example, the new device management screen can be implemented. This will appear with the push on the power button and is therefore optional and depends on the manufacturer.

Another feature that seems to be optional is the aggregation of the notifications dashboard. This would make it easier to access this element and thus make its management simpler. Since many manufacturers also customize this area, it becomes optional.

Google Android 11 novelties smartphones functionality

Smartphone that fails either functionality

Finally, the third element to be considered non-essential is the Document Management API. This allowed to have hosted on Android digital versions of identification documents, thus being simple to manage and use. This is also exempt from being implemented.

Everything now seems in the hands of manufacturers and what they want to do with Android. Your customization may be applied, according to Google’s rules, leaving these functions out of the ordinary, something that not all users expected.


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