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Now is it with the new Edge? Microsoft does not want you to use another browser on Windows 10

by ace

Microsoft has an attitude towards its software that many consider too protective. Too often it promotes its applications, to the detriment of what the competition offers, often blocking its use.

Windows 10 users are often faced with situations in which the promotion of these apps appears on the menu. Now, and with the new browser already available, it is Firefox's turn to be the victim, with Edge being recommended.

Microsoft back in charge with advertising

This does not appear to be a widespread highlight, but the truth is that many users are report that there is something new to appear in Windows 10. In the start menu, information is appearing that tries to get the user to change Firefox for the new Edge.

This appears very discreetly, but in a highly prominent position. Right at the top of this menu, Microsoft places an icon that asks the user if he still uses Firefox. Of course, what is intended is mainly the switch to Edge.

Edge Microsoft Windows 10 Firefox browser

Firefox is the latest victim

This seems to only appear to users who use the Mozilla browser, and there are no reports of situations in which it is presented to users who use other browsers, namely Chrome, which is currently the most used on the Internet.

Other reported situations also point out that similar information is appearing to those searching for Internet Explorer. In this case, and being a different browser, it appears when the Windows search box is used.

Edge Microsoft Windows 10 Firefox browser

Edge appears to be being forced on users

In this case, the message appears to appear when the user does not have Edge installed and tries to use the older Microsoft browser. This is probably a situation in which Microsoft simply wants to force an update of its software.

Of course, the Reddit community, where these situations have been reported, reacted quickly and directly. Much point and question why Microsoft did not take this approach with Chrome, which has clear resource management problems.

Want to force browser on Windows 10?

Of course, these notifications from Microsoft can be removed, simply, quickly and permanently. Just disable the option “Display occasional suggestions at Home”, present on the Home tab, in the Personalization area of ​​Windows 10 Settings.

Although it seems logical, this approach of Microsoft in Windows 10, this should not be the correct way to be able to captivate new users for Edge. This browser has already proven its quality and should soon gain an interesting share of the market.


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