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Now you will be able to control more than 1 Android smartphone on Windows 10

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Microsoft has sought to unite Windows 10 and Android to give users a cross-cutting experience. You want these to focus on your operating system, while having everything you need in this, even your smartphone.

This is where the Your Phone app comes in, which in these two systems manages to bridge and give access to everything that is available on Android, transparently. Microsoft has now taken an important step and removed an important limit in this union. It will be positive to give users even greater control.

Unique way to unite Windows 10 and Android

With two apps that interconnect and unite operating systems, Microsoft manages to bridge the gap that many have hoped for. Thus, we have access to everything that happens on Android, directly on the Windows 10 screen. It goes even further and manages to bring notifications for desktop system alerts.

Until now, this almost perfect union was limited to just one smartphone. Microsoft opened this app even more and it is now possible to add another smartphone, guaranteeing the user even greater control over their equipment. All the positive things it offered, but now in an extended way.

More support for multiple devices is rolling out to Windows Insiders! Now, it’s easier to link an additional device to Your Phone. Simply click the new “Add a device” button in your app settings and follow the setup instructions.

– Microsoft Your Phone (@MSYourPhone) July 9, 2020

You can now add one more smartphone

As with the rest of the features it has offered, the Your Phone app has this novelty accessible in a simple way and without any complications. Users will only need to access the settings of this Windows 10 app and then choose the option to add a smartphone.

In practice it was already possible to make this configuration, but it was a complicated and not very intuitive process for the user. This makes everything simpler and faster. It also complements the existing option of connecting a smartphone to multiple computers with the Your Phone app.

Windows 10 Microsoft Android smartphone simple

Microsoft made this a simple process

Despite being a very interesting feature, this is for now limited to a range of users. Once again Microsoft has chosen to bring the news to the Insiders program and thus contain tests and any problems that may arise over time. Later, it will be extended to other users.

So Microsoft is trying to improve one of its most interesting proposals for Windows 10. Being able to connect Android and the user’s smartphone to the system they use for work or play is something that users appreciate


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