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OnePlus tests new function for real-time translation of video calls

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OnePlus tests new function for real-time translation of video calls

We live in a time where many are constantly dealing with people from all over the world, forcing them to keep talking constantly.

To help with this task and to reduce the language problem, OnePlus is testing a new function of real-time video call translation for your smartphones.

Globalization and multiculturalism has led to the need to make video calls with users from all over the world.

Although English remains the universal language for communication, the truth is that sometimes it is not always possible to converse in that language. So, to solve this problem and simplify conversations with people from all over the world, OnePlus is testing a new instant translation function for video calling.

OnePlus tests function for real-time translation of video calls in any application

Real-time translation of video calls is not a new concept. Skype has already started working on this and has shown some interesting results.

However, what OnePlus is testing is slightly different. If applications like Skype are designing this function for your application, in the case of the Chinese brand it is not associated with any proprietary software of the brand

oneplus instant translation video calls

In fact, with this new option, OnePlus intends to add the real-time translation function to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, with the possibility of expanding it in the future to other applications.

For now its operation is still limited, being only available for English, French, German, Hindi and Chinese.

Its operation is very simple. The user activates the function in the notification bar shortcuts and chooses his language and that of the other person. Then you start the call in one of the two supported video calling applications. Thus, during the call, the audio of both users will be translated and displayed as subtitles.

oneplus instant translation

To test this new function, it is necessary to have a OnePlus 7 / 7T or 7 Pro / 7T Pro and have the latest version of OxygenOS Open Beta installed. If you meet the requirements, you must the registration form.

Although it will now start testing on a limited number of devices, this should be a function that should integrate future equipment and new versions of OxygenOS for equipment already on the market.


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