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Patch Tuesday june is bringing serious problems to Windows 10

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Patch Tuesday june is bringing serious problems to Windows 10

There’s definitely something wrong with the updates that Microsoft has made available to Windows 10 users. Problems have accumulated and prevent the correct use of this operating system, as has been seen.

After some who arrived with the May update, it was the latest Patch Tuesday to wreak havoc. Serious problems are emerging in Windows 10 as a result of this update.

New serious issues in Windows 10

Microsoft brings together its security fixes for the second Tuesday of each month. At these times, new updates are installed with the resolution for the problems detected and, in the meantime, fixed.

What is not expected of these updates is that they bring new problems to Windows 10 and the services that run on it. This turns out to be harmful to users, who are often forced to choose between having to live with problems or removing new security measures.

Patch Tuesday is the cause of these failures

The June Patch Tuesday wasn’t free of problems, like the one that affected Windows printing, but now has a new one. Microsoft has already admitted that this new patch package behaves abnormally and affects several versions of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Patch Tuesday updates Microsoft security

What is it described in the forums machines affected by the problem restart at random. It is not limited to disconnecting, but presents the user with a message indicating this need and asking for it to be done immediately.

Microsoft security updates

As mentioned, Microsoft recognized the problem, which will be in the Local Security Authority Process (LSAP) and will already have its teams working on its resolution. This should arrive at the next Patch Tuesday, which is expected to take place in July, on the 14th.

For now, as is normal, the solution is to remove the update. This is a simple and fast process that can be carried out right away. Keep in mind that if you do, remove the latest security fixes that Microsoft has created for Windows 10.


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