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POCO prepares to launch F2, but this time as an independent Xiaomi brand

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POCO prepares to launch F2, but this time as an independent Xiaomi brand

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Over the past few weeks we have been seeing a lot of rumors and evidence supporting the Pocophone F2. This smartphone should soon hit the market, and this time POCO ventures independently of Xiaomi!

This has been officially announced, along with confirmation of a superior investment in the global market. Will we be facing a successful new manufacturer from China?

The Pocophone F1 was launched in 2018 and has proved almost unbeatable for the price! The reviews – as you can see from our review – were quite good and this made this smartphone a real commercial success, launching in about fifty countries.

However it's been over a year now and this smartphone has had no successor… But that promises to be coming soon! Rumors and clues have been reported about the development and release of the second generation Pocophone.

POCO Pocophone prepares to launch F2, but this time as an independent Xiaomi brand

This is now practically confirmed after Xiaomi has announced that the POCO brand has been created and will act independently of Xiaomi.

POCO will be independent from Xiaomi

Manu Kumar Jain is an executive at Xiaomi and, on Twitter, brought the news that some already anticipated: the success of the Pocophone F1 led Xiaomi to allow the separation of its sub-brand catalog. Accordingly, POCO has been registered and is a trademark independent of Xiaomi.

With this independence, POCO gains a more prominent image among users, and may also have very different strategies from the old parent company. As such, smartphone development, marketing and logistics will change.

Excited to share: #WELL will now be an independent brand!

What started as a sub-brand within Xiaomi, has grown into its own identity. POCO F1 was an incredibly popular phone. We feel the time is right to let POCO operate on its own.

Join me in wishing @IndiaPOCO all the best.

– Manu Kumar Jain (@manukumarjain) January 17, 2020

It started as a sub-brand with POCO, which grew a lot in a short period of time. The POCO F1 is an extremely popular smartphone among consumers and remains the main reference in its category, even in 2020. We believe it is the right time to let the POCO brand act on its own.

| Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi executive

After all, the manufacturer's focus is not expected to change. Everything indicates that it will continue to produce smartphones with quite surprising features for the price range. In this sense, the rumors of the launch of POCO F2 are increasing, and its specifications are not known at the moment.

The Pocophone F2 arrives in 2020? Confirmation May Have Arrived on Twitter

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