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Porsche has cheaper Taycan alternative to fight Tesla

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Electric cars have come to change the automotive industry and how it presents itself to the market. Tesla is the flagship of this change, but many brands like Porsche are following in their footsteps to assert themselves.

This position means that new proposals have to emerge and adapt to the markets. Porsche now has a new proposal for its Taycan, cheaper and with changes, but unfortunately it is not accessible to everyone.

There is a new Taycan coming to the market

Despite being focused on the top car markets, Porsche has not stopped betting on electric cars. Taycan has its first proposal and promises a revolution in its car line soon, fully embracing this new technology.

Now, and in an action that was not expected, Porsche presented a new Taycan, but dedicated only to the Chinese market. This has profound changes, especially in terms of engine and its placement in cars, changing it substantially.

Porsche Taycan electric cheap Tesla

A cheaper Porsche alternative

Specifically, this new Taycan from Porsche will only have rear-wheel drive, thus dispensing with the front engine. It is new version It will thus be substantially cheaper, with a price reduction of up to 20%, due to the absence of this second engine.

In terms of motorization, this new proposal is expected to deliver 402 horsepower, with the Performance Battery pack, 79.2kWh or 469 horsepower with the Performance Battery Plus pack, 93.4kW. These proposals guarantee an autonomy of 413 kilometers or 490 kilometers.

Porsche Taycan electric cheap Tesla

Electric created to fight Tesla

It is not known why Porsche will only have this Taycan model for the Chinese market. The company has not confirmed whether this will be an exclusive, but also added that the proposal with rear-wheel drive is intended for markets with milder climates.

It is interesting to see this new proposal from Porsche in a market where Tesla has more and more strength and a very strong presence. It will certainly be an offer to compete directly and try to win over some consumers


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