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Predator Review: Hunting Grounds (Playstation 4)

by ace
Predator Review: Hunting Grounds (Playstation 4)

After a long break, Predators are back in the world of video games.

If you are unfamiliar or have never seen one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's most epic films whose title is precisely “Predator”, know that this alien race, with a humanoid physiognomy and a terrifying face, has as a favorite pastime the hunting of others. races, such as, for example, humans and xenomorphs (Aliens), and of course, it is proud to display the carcasses of these races as trophies.

Stay with the Predator: Hunting Grounds review for PlayStation 4.

This is the latest video game from Illfonic, the same developers who made the adaptation of Friday the 13th and who helped in the development of Evolve.

These video games have the particularity of sharing similar gameplay, which is that they put a single player controlling a character with supernatural abilities against a group of players controlling weaker characters.

Predator Review: Hunting Grounds (Playstation 4)

Predator: Hunting Grounds has no story or campaign mode, and excluding or tutorial. The only game mode is played exclusively online, either with random players or by creating our own game room to play with friends.

The only historical contexts are given in text form, before each of the three available missions and through audio collectibles, which we can collect during the missions.

Predator Review: Hunting Grounds (Playstation 4)

As already mentioned, the gameplay of Predator: Hunting Grounds has a strong inspiration in other games, such as Evolve or Friday the 13th, but of course, adapted to the Predator universe. Here one player is placed to control the predator and four other players to control the soldiers.

The soldiers' mission is to carry out various objectives to progress in the game, such as: destroying drug shipments, activating satellites, destroying servers, killing a certain enemy, etc. For your
The predator's objective is much simpler, to kill soldiers and prevent them from escaping by helicopter.

Predator Review: Hunting Grounds (Playstation 4)

The game

A normal game takes place as follows: the players who control the soldiers are dropped at a point on the map and have to fulfill the objectives while the very poor AI of enemy soldiers and the player controlling the Predator tries to stop them.

In turn, the player controlling the Predator, is placed at the other end of the map and has to use the skills to identify the location of the soldiers and try to eliminate them.

It is enough for a soldier to escape with his life to be considered a victory for the soldiers.

Predator Review: Hunting Grounds (Playstation 4)

The “Cannon Meat”

The gameplay of the soldiers is the generic of a first person shooter, we have our main weapon, which can be a machine gun, a shotgun or a carbine, we have the secondary weapon, which can be a pistol, a shotgun or an UZI.

There are also the skills and equipment that we can carry that is dependent on the chosen class. A soldier can have up to three skills equipped to balance the fight against AI and the predator.

Predator Review: Hunting Grounds (Playstation 4)

The Marine Classes

The classes are divided into four categories: assault, recon, scout and support. The “assault” class is the most balanced, that is, it has the parameters of life, resistance, movement and equipment distributed equally.

Another available class is the recognition class that favors more resistance, allowing you to run through the jungle for longer. The “beater” class places more emphasis on movement and agility.

Finally, the “support” class gives us more hit points at the expense of agility and movement. From my experience in many of the matches, it was rare that the player did not use the “assault” class, and in fact there is no great differentiation or motivation to change classes, especially when two of these classes only unlock when we reach a certain level.

Predator Review: Hunting Grounds (Playstation 4)

The predator

If you happen to be lucky enough to be able to play as a predator, I say this because matchmaking can take more than 20 minutes if you want to play as the Predator, then you will be able to experience the best that the game has to offer.

The predator's gameplay is in the third person and is extremely fun. The move, which Illfonic calls “predkour”, is very intuitive and fast. We have the possibility to climb and move through the jungle trees, in order to get closer and calculate the best approach against the soldiers.

The classic thermal vision and camouflage of the predator are present and are the most useful skills of our arsenal, since even unlocking all weapons, it can take quite a while, such as the blade disc, which we can shoot and control or the bow and arrow. It is also possible to change the class in the same way as soldiers, in order to privilege certain parameters of the predator, be it life, movement
or resistance.

Predator Review: Hunting Grounds (Playstation 4)

The game uses the Unreal Engine as a graphics engine and is by no means the best implementation I have ever seen. Excluding the Predator model, which looks fantastic, and the vegetation, the rest is all very common. Mainly the animations, with a very amateurish aspect, being the exception once again the Predator that clearly has the best animations in the game.

The performance is also not the best, with an unclear image and a framerate that appears to oscillate at random, both in moments of less action or more action.

Predator Review: Hunting Grounds (Playstation 4)


There are very few reasons to recommend Predator: Hunting Grounds. It would be easy to say the opposite if there were other game modes that promoted the rapid use of Predator, but unfortunately we are confined to a game mode that can take a long time to find a match.

A clear missed opportunity to reconcile Predator gameplay in a singleplayer campaign or even a Predator vs. Predator game mode.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Predator: Hunting Grounds


  • Predator Gameplay
  • Crossplay


  • Poor graphics and performance
  • One game mode and three missions
  • Waiting time to play as Predator


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