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Samsung Unpacked: Remember all the news that Samsung presented

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Yesterday was an important day for Samsung. After weeks of leaking information and supposed news, the brand's new proposals for the smartphone market have finally arrived.

It was on stage that the brand revealed all its news, with which it intends to conquer the market. Now recall all the important news that have been revealed and that will soon hit the market.

There were already some certainties of what would be presented in this Samsung Unpacked. It would be centered on the brand's new smartphones, bringing new standards to the market and what the competition would have to beat. That was accomplished, with extra news on the way.

The new Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra

The kings of this event were, without any doubt or hesitation, the new Samsung Galaxy S20. The brand decided this year to rename its offerings and, mainly, to grow even more the hardware present in each of the equipment.

Thus, this year we have 3 proposals with slightly different characteristics. We talk about the new S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra. Each of the models has unique and growing characteristics. The focus is mainly on photography, but the rest of the arguments will convince any more demanding user.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Z Flip Buds +

Photography in the new S20

Photography, as we have said, is again at the top of what can be offered. The highlight is even the largest model, where we find a 108 megapixel camera, wide-angle, which is one of the largest on the market. There is also a 48 MP Telephoto camera and a 12MP Ultra Wide camera. Finally, there is also a DepthVision camera.

In the video field, the Galaxy S20 are undeniably unique smartphones. It is capable of shooting in 8K already, which guarantees a unique quality at any time. Curious is the fact that we can at any time take an image from these 8K videos and get a clear image of 33MP.

In terms of Galaxy S20 specifications, and in a transversal way, we have the new Exynos 990, an octa-core built with 7nn technology.

We have the Galaxy S20 with 8 or 12 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, the S20 Plus with the same RAM, but it exists in 128 and 512 GB variants. The S20 Ultra has 12GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and the 16GB model and 512GB of storage.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Z Flip Buds +

The new Galaxy S20 can be purchased as of today. Deliveries will begin on March 13. These proposals will arrive in 4 colors – Pink, Blue, Gray and Black – not all available on all models.

The Galaxy S20 4G costing 929 euros. The S20 Plus will cost 1029 euros in the 4G variant and 1129 euros in the 5G variant. The top of the range, the S20 Ultra, will cost 1379 euros in the version of 12GB of RAM and 1579 euros in the version of 16GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, much more than a foldable

The second big news of the day revealed another aspect that Samsung has explored. We talk about foldable smartphones, where the Galaxy Fold has been giving cards. We talk about the Galaxy Z Flip, the brand new proposal for this market.

Consumers asked for a foldable smartphone that was smaller and, of course, cheaper. Samsung bet on this area and now presented the Z Flip. This is smaller, but only when folded. It quickly moves from a palm-sized format to a 6.7-inch Infinity Flex screen.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Z Flip Buds +

Samsung reveals that this is Samsung's first foldable smartphone with a glass screen – the Galaxy Z Flip combines an Infinity Flex (infinite flexible) screen with ultra-thin glass (UTG), which has foldable properties, making it thinner

The new articulated column is supported by a “dual CAM” mechanism that has been designed to ensure that each fold is made smoothly and steadily. The Galaxy Z Flip can be deployed at the same angular range as a portable computer (ie, at 90º). It also uses a cleaning technology, which uses nylon fibers to repel dirt and dust.

Samsung designed the “Flex Mode” so that when the device is open at 90º (“free standing”) the Galaxy Z Flip screen automatically turns into two screens of 4 ”each so you can easily see images, content or videos on the side the top of the screens and control them at the bottom of the screens

In Portugal, the Galaxy Z Flip will be available on February 21, 2020 in Mirror Purple and Mirror Black colors, in Samsung stores (online and physical) and Operators: Meo, Vodafone and NOS. The recommended PVP is € 1529.90.

Galaxy Buds +, a new sound level

Finally, and also as an excellent novelty, Samsung introduced the new Galaxy Buds +. These follow what the previous models offered, but have been improved, namely in terms of the battery, which is now bigger and longer.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Z Flip Buds +

These wireless headsets are equipped with two AKG dual speakers, with rich treble and deep bass, a system of three microphones for even more crystal clear calls and a long battery life.

The big change is really here, with the battery going from 6 hours to 11, which guarantees a much greater autonomy.

Galaxy Buds + can be pre-ordered and will be delivered later in the beginning of next March. Its price on the Portuguese market will be 169.90 euros.


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