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Smartphone sales in Europe plummeted in the second quarter of 2020

by ace

Since the end of the first quarter, smartphone sales are going through a very complicated period. With COVID-19 and the confinement it required, consumers lost interest in these devices.

If this was an expected reality, now confirmation seems to have arrived. The data presented for this period show a sharp drop in smartphone sales in the second quarter of 2020.

In addition to the financial results that have been emerging, there are more figures that have been revealed. These undeniably show the reality of the smartphone market, in an aggregate way and comparing the sales figures of each brand and each manufacturer.

Many brands lost sales this quarter

A Counterpoint revealed now its forecasts for the different markets in Europe, as well as the aggregate for this region. It was known that sales should fall, but the figures revealed are worrying. The drop was large and reached 24% in this period.

Europe smartphones COVID-19 sales quarter

The data reveal that the losses were not limited to being geographical, but reached the marks equally and over time. They saw their market shares decrease across the board. Surprisingly, Apple, Xiaomi and OPPO have gained ground.

COVID-19 sinks smartphones in Europe

Looking at the map of Europe, we can see how losses were recorded. Overall, all countries saw sales decline, with several brands losing. Markets similar to the Portuguese had losses below 20%.

Europe smartphones COVID-19 sales quarter

At the opposite extreme, we have countries like Russia or Germany, where losses were placed at very high values. In the first case this figure reached 27% and in the second it was 25%, very high values, but duly justified by the pandemic and by COVID-19.

According to information from Counterpoint, this scenario is already changing and ended up mitigating previous losses. The last month has already recovered and already reaches values ​​of 35% in comparison with the previous months. Even though it was very negative, this was a scenario that was expected, due to COVID-19 and the confinement that was mandatory and kept consumers at home.


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