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Someone screwed up! Audi e-Tron asks to have engine oil changed …

by ace

Electric cars have brought new challenges to companies that are now venturing into this market and this technology. They have to completely change their paradigms and take approaches that turn out to be simpler.

One of these forms is the required maintenance. The problem is that some brands seem to have forgotten some details. Audi, for example, is now surprisingly showing a message asking for an oil change to the e-tron's electric motor.

Oil change in an electric motor?

One of the changes that electric cars have brought is the required maintenance. These are simpler and less demanding. Their engines, since they have no () moving parts, do not require any lubrication and consequently oil and the respective periodic changes.

It is therefore strange what is now emerging in a small group of Audi electric cars. The e-tron are displaying a message asking the driver to later schedule the oil change on this car. Being an electric, this is above all an impossible scenario.

Audi hat den Sprung ins elektrische Zeitalter noch nicht ganz verkraftet. Am Ölwechsel hängt man noch sehr. Im Bild: Auto e-tron Cockpit. pic.twitter.com/6ghNL2rFuW

– Georg Konjovic (@GeorgKonjovic) January 18, 2020

Audi has already explained what is going on

Apparently this message is not limited to a specific group of cars or models, it is being presented on electric vehicles that were sold on Europe and in the USA. This is a message that normally appears at 10,000 kilometers, but in a car with a combustion engine.

There is already an explanation for this situation, which is known not to be worrying or dangerous for cars, or their drivers. Audi, which has already been questioned about this situation, has already explained and justified the reason.

Audi e-tron electric motor oil

It seems to reach only a few units of the e-tron

According to what the German brand said, this message should not appear, but as their cars share part of the alarm and info-entertainment systems, this information was passed on. It should have been removed and the latest models are already safeguarded.

Not being dangerous or alarming, this is an eventual caricature. It shows how brands, and Audi in particular, have to rethink how they save in the development of their systems. You can recycle, but you really have to adapt them correctly to electric cars.


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