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Telegram brings a range of news dedicated to videos and more

by ace
Telegram brings a range of news dedicated to videos and more

As an increasingly viable alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram has managed to grow and improve at the expense of unique news. These go beyond the messages exchanged and focus on sharing images, videos and other elements.

In the continuation of other news that have been presented, there are some important improvements now announced. They are dedicated to videos and other multimedia content that we can use and share via Telegram.

The news that Telegram brought

From what was announced, Telegram received a very important improvement in terms of content editing. They no longer need a video editor on their smartphone to handle editing these essentials today.

This editor is able to handle any recording that is made, adding elements such as stickers or gifs that are present. This is an important addition to the editor that was already present, but that only dealt with images.

A video editor with many changes

The tools present allow the videos to be zoomed and their quality to be improved with just 2 taps. This simplicity goes further and also makes it simpler to draw on this canvas, with all the details.

Another improvement that arrives with this version are the animated stickers. These allow to express more directly and are now also arranged by separators, where all the most used elements are present and available.

On Android there are also improvements

For Android users there is also a special novelty. These have a video player that has been improved and that now has more improved animations. Video descriptions can also be hidden more directly.

There are many more small changes that will make Telegram even better. These news are already in the latest version and therefore the update is urgent, but to experience all the best that exists now.


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