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Tesla Cybertruck: futuristic pickup reserves arrive in China

by ace

Unveiled in November 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck is already a success. Despite being a very different model from the ones we are used to, it is also an excellent promise and, therefore, consumers have already bet on their orders.

After winning over the Americans and the Dubai police, Cybertruck can now be booked in China.

Elon Musk guides Cybertruck to China

A few weeks after the official revelation, Elon Musk updated his Twitter followers on the number of orders registered so far. Tesla’s bold and futuristic vehicle already had about 250,000 reservations.

After thousands of Americans secured the electric pickup, the official page dedicated to that feat is now available in China. The information was published on the network Reddit. The reservation can be made and assumes the payment of $ 141, slightly above the $ 100 requested in the United States.

The truth is that pickup models are not very popular in China, due to the various measures implemented, such as the prohibitions in urban centers associated with emissions. However, Tesla has seen its market grow in the country and Cybertruck can be an even bigger launch pad. This is because China seems to be very interested in this new model.

Elon Musk guides Cybertruck to China

A successful model yet to be built

Despite the thousands of reservations, Cybertruck will not start production until the end of 2022. In fact, the place of production is still unknown. Through Twitter, Elon Musk informed, in March, that he was looking for a factory to produce the electric SUV Model Y and Cybertruck. In principle, the plant will be located in the center of the United States, with Austin and Tulsa being two of the options.

Although the reserves do not represent effective purchases, the balance has been very positive and, even more so, it can be assumed as a study on the interests of the markets where Elon Musk intends to operate.


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