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Tesla secretly added bidirectional loading to Model 3

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Tesla secretly added bidirectional loading to Model 3

The creation of electric cars generates a range of new opportunities outside the automotive world. These vehicles have other capabilities that we currently don't see in cars with combustion engines.

As most obvious, the ability to charge other electrical equipment stands out, since the battery present can do so. Not all electric cars have this capability, but it has now been discovered that Tesla has secretly added bidirectional charging to the Model 3.

A Tesla novelty hidden in the Model 3

Early on, there is talk of the lack of bi-directional charging in Tesla's electric cars. This would be a welcome capability and would give these vehicles other capabilities and features, more adapted to such a vehicle.

But from what has now been discovered, after all, Tesla and especially Model 3, may have this ability present, but not activated. Everything would, once again, go through a simple software update, just like the brand does to bring news.

This is massive. Tesla could enable it with a software update and automatically have a product worth billions to electric utilities.

– Fred Lambert (@FredericLambert) May 19, 2020

Bidirectional loading is very useful

Apparently this way of sending energy out of the Tesla has been around for some time. In addition to the Model 3, it is thought that it could also be in the recently launched Model Y. Thus, it would be simple to load other cars in an emergency or power a PowerWall.

Elon Musk himself had already left that door open, in 2018, and had promised review this point. To date there is still no news on this point, but apparently there have been real changes that are already in Tesla cars.

Tesla electric cars bidirectional charging Model 3 energy

Manage the power of electric cars

Of course, there are already several cars with this capability. Here, the Tesla's advantage is that they don't need a converter to put that energy on the grid or in another vehicle. Thus, it becomes simpler to use, just by connecting to the electric car.

This will be another novelty that Tesla may launch soon. Your electric cars will be able to charge mainly the batteries of others in trouble or simply charge an external battery that will store the energy.


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