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Tesla uses Model 3 car parts to build a mechanical fan [Vídeo]

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Tesla uses Model 3 car parts to build a mechanical fan [Vídeo]

Tesla shared a video showing a prototype of a mechanical fan that was built using parts of the Model 3 electric car.

Despite the entire crisis promoted by COVID-19, we are also at a stage where we see many companies, large and small, rolling up their sleeves and, together, fighting this pandemic.

Many brands, namely cars, are committed to finding solutions to combat this pandemic outbreak.

Some examples are Mercedes, Ford, General Motors and also Tesla, especially in the production of ventilators, which are so necessary for the most serious cases in which COVID-19 significantly affects breathing capacity.

E-Vent was also created at MIT, a cheap ventilator, and Portuguese polytechnics also came together to create ventilators for hospitals.

Tesla's mechanical fan is built with Model 3 parts

A fan is not something that is obviously built after ‘three strokes’, because the components must be specific.

Elon Musk's company shared a video on its YouTube channel showing a prototype of a mechanical fan that, in turn, was made from parts of the Tesla Model 3.

The responsible engineers show several stages of construction of the equipment. From planning on paper, to the product under construction with all the parts that integrate it, and then the final product, which is then tested.

See the video:

One of the engineers explains that when using Model 3 parts, it is justified by the fact that they are components that they know well and that they have in stock. In this way, they do not use or exhaust medical components.

In the video we can see some of the objects used in this construction, such as an on-board entertainment computer that displays performance and results, a central touch screen for the car, a camera belonging to the Model 3 suspension to mix oxygen with air , among other items that also control the electric car valves.


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