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The new Windows 10 icons have arrived and look fantastic

by ace
The new Windows 10 icons have arrived and look fantastic

Microsoft has made a huge effort to renew Windows 10 on several fronts. If you initially focused on features, you now explore other areas that will completely change your operating system.

A novelty has now reached the test version of this system and is ready to be used. The new Windows 10 icons can now be seen and show the future of this system's image.

Windows 10 has a new face

Being just a graphical change, this novelty does not bring new features to Windows 10. Still, it shows how Microsoft is committed to renewing the image of its operating system and making it, especially, more appealing.

These new icons arrived with build 19569.1000, available on the Fast Ring of the Insiders Project. They are icons of system apps and others that are in the Microsoft app store, so they should reach all users soon.

Windows 10 icons Microsoft graphics apps

A change that Microsoft initiated

We are talking about native Windows 10 apps, such as Mail, Alarms and Clock, Calculator and Calendar. These will have a new look in the Home Menu, in the taskbar or in other places where the icons will be present.

Your image should already be known, as it is part of the Fluent Design that Microsoft started some time ago. Also other apps, like Office, have already started this graphic change and introduced their new icons to users.

Windows 10 icons Microsoft graphics apps

These icons are appearing on other sides

Further evidence of this change has recently emerged with Edge and its new icon. This new browser marked a profound change at Microsoft, having thus been renewed in this element always present in the eyes of the user.

These news will arrive soon, with the next major update of Windows 10. Also Windows 10X, which is expected to arrive with the brand's new devices, will have this entire graphic line and that marks a new moment in the Microsoft system.


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