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The next major update of Windows 10 will make it even faster

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The next major update of Windows 10 will make it even faster

With the next major Windows 10 update about to arrive, it's time for it to start unveiling its improvements and the points where Microsoft bet. There are several new features on the way, but the most anticipated will be the ones that will optimize this system.

Now accessible to anyone who wants to test it, the first details and information now appear. The data points out that what was expected and it is clear that the next major update of Windows 10 will make it even faster.

Big news for Windows 10

Microsoft already had promised that Windows would get faster with this update. It was part of his plans, although he cannot materialize this novelty in an interface so that it can be seen.

In fact, it will be felt by users when they have a faster and more fluid system. This is already being noticed, according to a post on Reddit, where a user reported and showed improvements.

Microsoft's system is faster

These are especially noticeable in terms of CPU and memory consumption, something that later restricts the system. The comparison is made between the current version 1909, which has a bug, and the future 2004 version of Windows 10.

The image shows the same usage situation, on old hardware, with 4GB of RAM and a 250GB HDD at 7200 rpm. Both cases are from recent installations and with no further use going on. The difference is immediately visible, even on this hardware.

Windows 10 quick update Microsoft version

Everything arrives with the update for the next version

Everything points to the reason that is even in the search for Windows 10 and the indexing it does. It is known that it occupies a large part of the system resources, going to disk and available memory. The solution already exists and is ready to be used.

This is proof that the next update of Windows 10 promises a lot for users. These improvements will make Microsoft's proposal even more capable and with more resources, especially on older machines or with less resources.


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