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There is a new Windows 10 update that brings serious problems to users

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There is a new Windows 10 update that brings serious problems to users

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It was earlier this week that Microsoft released yet another monthly update, where Windows 10 was included. It certainly corrected many problems, some serious, and it was urgent to install them.

Even though it is essential for this system, reports of problems with this update now appear. Users' files are disappearing, without any justification for this new situation.

Issues with the last update

The latest update of Microsoft products is essential. Launched on this month's Patch Tuesday, it addresses serious security flaws, especially focused on Windows 10 browsers and other systems. There are, of course, other problems solved.

The biggest problem is that many Windows 10 users are complaining about serious problems with this version. The affected systems have the November and May 2019 updates installed and the reports talk about the disappearance of users' files, in a repetition of past problems.

Had a family members machine after the late Jan patch that loaded at temp profile. After going into the registry and deleting the entry for the temp profile and removing the bak from the original profile entry and rebooting, it returned to normal.

– Russ Gee (@russgee) February 12, 2020

Serious crashes interrupt Windows 10

From what is already known, this problem is in the loading of a temporary profile, which is not the user's. The installation should revert to the user's profile and eliminate this temporary one. The truth is that this step does not seem to happen. The reports (1, 2, 3) Are many and show that the problem is growing.

There are also reports other problems, which indicate that the update is simply not installed. In these cases the machines freeze and are constantly failing to install. As a result, this update is not installed. The standard in these cases is AMD processors.

Windows 10 update serious Microsoft problems

Microsoft will soon resolve the serious flaw

Finally, and in a third related problem, it is described that Avira antivirus machines are also having problems installing the update that Microsoft released for Windows 10 this week.

Microsoft should then focus on these issues and, as usual, launch a new update that addresses these issues. Until then, the solution is to remove the update, even with all the associated security implications. Only then will Windows 10 become operational.



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