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There is a previous version of iOS 14 that has been browsing the Internet for months

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There is a previous version of iOS 14 that has been browsing the Internet for months

Apple has always managed to keep its new products under a cover of secrecy above normal. Information leaks are rare and the little data that comes comes from sources outside the company, in unclear situations.

Strangely, and in the same aura of secrecy as always, a lot of information has emerged about iOS 14. It is now known that there is a reason for these data leaks after all. There is a version of iOS 14 circulating on the Internet and without Apple's control.

IOS 14 is already on the Internet

Usually Apple reveals to the world and developers the news of iOS during WWDC. This software conference takes place every year in June, and this year will be no different, even if it takes place virtually.

Eventual leaks happen weeks before, in a small and controlled volume. But this year, everything is different and a lot is already known about iOS 14. There is talk of a new fitness app, the PencilKit API, updates to iMessage, a new home screen, QR codes and more.

iOS 14 iPhone Internet Apple

Escape came from China and an iPhone

What now was revealed it shows that, after all, the source of all these news is really real and has a well-identified origin. It results from a version of this Apple operating system that has been circulating on the Internet since at least February.

This is an initial version of iOS 14, but where many of the new features are already present, although some are in the early stages of development. This will have originated in China, coming from an iPhone 11 development.

iOS 14 iPhone Internet Apple

Apple was unable to control this access

The version in question dated to December 2019 and was used by the Apple development team. The purchase will have cost several hundred dollars and it was possible to extract the internal build of iOS 14. This was later shared by the jailbreaking and hacking community.

For now Apple has declined to comment on this matter, but the company is likely to intervene soon. Access to this previous version, although unfinished, may open the door to several discoveries for the jailbreak or to get to know iOS 14 in advance.


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