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Tip: Do you have complaints from WhatsApp or users? Learn how to report them

by ace

WhatsApp has completely conquered the smartphone universe. This is today one of the apps that stands out the most in the field of messaging services, managing to surpass all those that present themselves as safer and even more interesting.

With a very high user base, it gives them all the necessary functionality. It is also a field where false information and users who simply want to share advertising proliferate. For those who have these problems there is a solution. Learn how to make complaints on WhatsApp.

Unfortunately it is normal for WhatsApp users to receive contacts with messages that are not always desired. They seek to promote false themes or simply spread the word about uninteresting and unnecessary subjects.

WhatsApp complaints from users

The first option we give you for these situations is to report a user with unusual behavior. This app has a simple way of doing this, alerting the service and giving the user some additional options.

To do this, they must enter one of these conversations and open the options menu. Here you must choose View Contact and then go down to the Report Contact option, which will open an alert. This asks the user to confirm the report and offers the option to block and delete received messages.

Other problems are simple to report

Another option that exists is to report a message using WhatsApp help. This process allows more information to be added than in a user report. Access the Settings of the app and then Help.

Inside, you must choose the option Contact us, to open the contact area. They can describe the problem, which could be an app crash or an offensive message. Below, you can also add up to 3 screenshots to show the problem. In the end they must move forward in the process.

It is in this simple way that they can report problems or send complaints to WhatsApp. THE service promises to respond quickly to these complaints and thus eliminate questions that are raised by users.


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