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Tip: Do you miss the Windows startup sound? May already have it back

by ace
Tip: Do you miss the Windows startup sound? May already have it back

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Being a system with many years, Windows has had many branded images over time. If several have disappeared with the versions that are being discontinued, others are and are certainly recognized.

One is the startup sound, which was removed without any warning. Fortunately there is a simple way to get it back by simply activating an option. Here's how you can get your Windows startup sound back.

Get back a well known sound

With Windows 10, Microsoft has created several improvements and certainly several optimizations. One is a much faster boot. Of course many want to keep the tradition and with it the presence of the boot sound of Windows.

To get this brand image back, you just have to do a few steps, especially a very simple one. Start by opening Windows Settings. Here you will find all the options you need to manage this system.

Windows sound boot system known

Windows back to something you know well

Inside you should choose the System option, and then the Sound tab. In this area, you will have several options on the right. The Sound Control Panel must be present. Open this option to continue the process.

A new window should open however where you can see the sound settings. Here choose the Sounds tab. In this area you will have access to all the sounds that Windows will make, using them. These are typically alert.

Windows sound boot system known

The operating system has the correct boot back

Below this list of sounds you will find a last option. This is called Play Windows Startup sound and should now be chosen. Finish by pressing the OK button and the process is finished.

From then on, whenever you start Windows, this sound will be played, indicating to the user that it is ready to use. You'll also get back the well-known sound you've heard so often on your computer.



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