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Tip: Don't leave your monitor on in Windows 10 when you're not using it

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Tip: Don't leave your monitor on in Windows 10 when you're not using it

When working from home, it is normal for us to put our computers under greater use and thus consume more energy. There are some points that you can follow to minimize this problem, simple and quick to apply.

The simplest thing is to turn off the monitor whenever you are not using Windows 10. As we do not always remember this step, the ideal is to give this system this ability. Of course it is simple and gives the user full control.

Saving energy in Windows 10 is simple

Whenever we are not using a computer, it should turn off the monitor. This is primarily a basic measure for savings of energy and that everyone should follow permanently. Windows 10 can help with this step, just be well configured.

To define the time that the PC monitor or screen is on, just follow a few steps. This is then an automatic process and will be activated whenever it is unused. It is enough that the defined time is exceeded.

Windows 10 monitor power save PC

Just turn off the monitor automatically

Then open Windows 10 Settings and here choose the System option. Inside, you must choose the Energy and suspension tab. Immediately, the right side of the window will present new options, dedicated to energy management.

The one you are looking for is right at the beginning. In the Display area you will be able to define the time you want to pass before it is turned off. You will be able to set this value for 2 specific moments. We talk when they're plugged in or just using the battery.

Windows 10 monitor power save PC

It also saves the essential elements of your PC

They only then need to choose the value, with these varying between 1 minute and up to 5 hours. There is also an option to simply turn this value off, keeping the screen and monitor always on. This is not the ideal option.

This is an option that is recommended to define and refine. They are able to save energy and, at the same time, the screen and the monitor. Simple to activate and configure, it is especially valuable help for Windows 10 users.


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