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Tip: Don't use Remote Access on Windows 10? The best thing is to turn off

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Windows 10 Acesso remoto utilizadores função

Windows 10 comes with many useful tools. They are intended to help users and enable them to make the most of this system and what it offers.

There are, however, some tools that can be turned off as they are only useful at key times. Remote Access is one of them, which can be exploited improperly and is not always lacking for users.

Essential Protection for Windows 10 Users

Given this situation, it is absolutely important that this function is disabled and only switched on when required. This is a simple process that is accessible to everyone by knowing where to access and which options to disable.

To do so, start by calling the Control Panel. To do this you should type this name in the Windows 10 search box. The result that comes up is what you should follow to access these options.

Windows 10 Remote Access Users Function

It is best to turn off Remote Access

Next, and from the list of options present, should find the so-called System and Security. This is at the top and should be the first gift. They should click on the main and not the following options.

The next step is to choose Allow Remote Access. This is in the Security area and should be marked with the UAC icon. Click on this option and advance.

Windows 10 Remote Access Users Function

An unnecessary function for this system.

This is where they will access the option where they can enable or disable Remote Access. Choosing the previous option will give you access to a window with several tabs. What they should use is Remote.

Inside you will have only one option you can use. This enables or disables Remote Access and should be on by default. They just really need to press the box and turn off the active option.

Windows 10 Remote Access Users Function

A protection for Windows 10

Pressing OK will take over and Remote Access will be turned off. Whenever they need to repeat this process to enable and disable.

This is a change you should make if you do not use this option on a recurring basis. It's the way to stay safer without having potentially dangerous services open to the world.


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