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Tip: Explore Netflix on Android without touching your screen

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Tip: Explore Netflix on Android without touching your screen

With more and more time spent at home, due to the need for confinement and protection, consumption of streaming content has increased. This natural movement was supported by the services, which adapted their content.

Netflix is ​​an obvious choice and we are increasingly seeing movies and series on this platform. Developments continued and there is news in this app. Now, and to be more rested, we can finally stop having problems with the taps on the screen.

One of the biggest problems or inconveniences of watching Netflix on a smartphone is certainly accidental touches on the screen. These cause the commands to appear and occupy the screen when we want to enjoy what we are seeing.

To end this problem, Netflix adapted its apps and this is no longer a problem. We now have the possibility to lock the screen and thus no longer have this problem. They only need to activate it when they start watching a movie or series.

Netflix screen lock Android problem

How to lock the screen on Android

To use this novelty, you must first have the latest app version for Android. Then, and when they start to see a title, they will see a new command on the smartphone, called Lock screen. They just need to choose it.

Henceforth, and whenever they touch the screen, on purpose or inadvertently, it will simply show a message indicating that the screen is locked. It will not hinder the presentation of films or series.

Netflix screen lock Android problem

Accidental touches are not a problem

However, and if it is an accidental touch, anywhere on the screen, it will disappear after a few seconds. This way it does not disturb the user and can connect with accidental and inadvertent touches.

To permanently unlock the screen, you just need to reload. A new message will be displayed and ask the user if they really want to unlock to access the Netflix player commands.

Netflix screen lock Android problem

An important measure of Netflix

If they agree, they will have the commands back on the screen, where they can control it. Thus, they can go forward or back in time, choose another episode or simply leave the reader. It all depends on the user's will.

This may seem like a small and simple addition, but its usefulness is great. Netflix ensures that no one interrupts watching a movie or series just because it touched the screen, often just because they adjusted their hand or changed their position.


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