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Tip: Failures to access the Internet? It is best to reset the …

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Tip: Failures to access the Internet? It is best to reset the ...

Managing Windows 10 can be a complete task in case of problems. There are several areas to control and keep working, even with all the automatisms and automatic procedures that this system has.

Of course, there are aids for users to use in the most difficult moments. In the case of problems with Internet access, there is a simple solution. Just reset the network and everything will be back to normal.

Network problems in Windows 10?

There are many tools that can be used to help Windows 10 users. They reset the system or eliminate applied changes, thus bringing Windows into a state trouble-free.

In the case of the network and Internet access there is an option that you can use at any time. This allows the replacement of this element, placing it with the initial configuration and free of problems that have arisen.

Windows 10 Network Replacement Internet Problems

If needed, they should open Windows 10 Settings and then look for the Network and Internet option. It will be here that they have access to all options associated with the connection or WiFi, and the applied parameters can be seen.

In this area, you must choose the Status tab, where the connection to the network is shown and which interface is in use. They can also see the state of communication with the Internet and its behavior.

Windows 10 Network Replacement Internet Problems

Just reset to go back to the Internet

At the end of this interface you will find the option you are looking for to take the next step. It is called Network Reset and you must click to proceed with the process you started earlier.

Inside, you will find a description of the process to start next. It is explained that all settings will be removed, from WiFi networks to VPNs that are configured.

Windows 10 Network Replacement Internet Problems

To finish the process, press the Reset button now. The settings will be deleted and then Windows 10 will be asked to restart. You must agree and proceed so that the network reset is performed.

Not being a normal and frequent process, it can be used whenever there are network problems that they cannot solve. It will be a resource solution, but it can help in times of greatest need.


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