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Tip: Find out how long apps take to boot at the start of Windows 10

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Tip: Find out how long apps take to boot at the start of Windows 10

The most demanding users of Windows 10 especially like to control the time that their system takes to start up. This depends on several factors, but it is mainly associated with apps that start with the system.

Without centralized information, it is almost impossible to know how long each takes to start. Microsoft has managed to store this data and is, in fact, very simple to obtain. Just know where to look for them.

How long does each app take to boot Windows 10

The time that each of these apps that appear at Windows 10 startup is essential. Its sum and the Microsoft system itself defines the startup time, which is what we have to wait until we can use Windows.

To find out how long each app takes to start, and decide which ones should be present, the Microsoft system has a hidden option. Displays the time that each app took at startup. Open the Task Manager and the process starts.

Windows 10 startup time Microsoft apps

Data that Microsoft has hidden from users

There you should access the Startup tab, where the entire list of apps defined for startup is present. You only need to first click with the right mouse button on the name of one of the columns and in the present list, you must choose CPU at startup.

When adding this new column, usually at the end, they will take into account the time that each one of these apps took to start with Windows 10. You can then sort by this field and see which ones are taking longer and, eventually, delay the startup of the Windows 10.

Windows 10 startup time Microsoft apps

There is more data that can be obtained in the same way

Another option you can choose later is called disk I / O at startup. This represents the time that each app was reading or writing to the disk during startup. This is another factor to delay the start and therefore the most consuming apps should be disabled.

One more Useful information It is important for users to have even more control over their operating system. Windows 10 is very modular and this type of access proves it in a simple and intuitive way.

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