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Tip: Has Windows 10 spent a lot of Internet? 2 ways to know it quickly

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Tip: Has Windows 10 spent a lot of Internet? 2 ways to know it quickly

When we connect our Windows 10 to the Internet it initiates contact with dozens of services and websites. Not only does the operating system do so, but the applications themselves communicate openly and directly. Often these links are made in a hidden way and without them having knowledge.

Of course, over time these consumptions accumulate without the user no longer. In Windows there are certainly several ways to access this information, being very simple and fast. Then learn 2 ways to quickly know if Windows has been spending a lot of Internet.

Windows 10 has within it many tools that are useful and important for users. They help manage this operating system and give information that users need to know on a recurring basis, with a great degree of detail. An example is internet consumption, which is well in the sight of users.

#1 – Task Manager has Windows 10 data

The first way to see how much data windows 10 consumes is in Task Manager. Directly from the main tab you can have direct access to this information.

Windows 10 Internet data app consumptions

In the network column you will have traffic information to be used by each app in real time and in detail. You can immediately see who consumes the most data on internet access.

If you want information with a larger volume of data, there is also a way. In the App History tab, in the same Network column, you can see accumulated information from the data consumption of each app a usage.

Windows 10 Internet data app consumptions

The data present here is associated with the consumption of the last days and can be cleaned at any time. To do this, only delete the Delete usage history option.

#2 – Settings have information about Internet access

Another simple and even more complete way to know this information is in Windows 10 Settings. Inside you can have even more data about Internet access. How to access the simple by simply opening the Settings.

Windows 10 Internet data app consumptions

Here inside you must choose the Network and Internet option and then choose the State option. In this window they have access to the data accumulated in the last 30 days, in the network interface currently in use.

For more detailed information, you should choose the Use of data option, which will open a new window, with the information you were looking for. Here you will find the consumptions of each app, in isolation and accumulated over time.

Windows 10 Internet data app consumptions

Once again the data is from the interface in use, but it can change at the top to any other that has been active in the past and has been used.

This information can be cleared whenever you want and thus from a new basis for monitoring. It’s simple to find and gives you important data about Internet access in Windows 10, clearly and with information from each app.


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