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Tip: How to Put Windows 10 Device Manager on the Start Menu

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Windows 10 Menu Iniciar Gestor Dispositivos

The Start Menu is increasingly becoming a focal point of Windows 10. Shortcuts to the main functions and applications we have on this operating system are just a mouse click away.

It is therefore important to have the shortcuts to what we most use and need. Here's how to add Windows 10 Device Manager in the Start Menu.

By putting these shortcuts in the Start Menu we are simplifying the use of Windows 10. Everything is neat and ready to use.

A new element for the Start Menu

There are several elements of the operating system that we can put in the Start Menu. However, some will be more straightforward and simple, others require some user intervention. In the case of Device Manager, they should start by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop.

Windows 10 Start Menu Device Manager

Then you should choose New and then Shortcut. Within this new window should place the command devmgmt.msc. They should also give you a new suggestion, such as Device Manager, to use later in the Start Menu.

The Utility of Device Manager

After this step you should click on the new icon you created, which will be named before. This will be another right-click to access the context menu. Then choose Post to Start.

Windows 10 Start Menu Device Manager

Once it completes this step, Device Manager is already in the Start Menu. They can, however, delete the new icon they created as they won't need it again.

A great addition to Windows 10

They can then open the Start Menu and confirm that this new option is present. You should then see it immediately in the list of icons on the right. Clicking will open the Device Manager window, as mostly intended.

Windows 10 Start Menu Device Manager

If you want to tidy up this area, you can also do it simply. They just need to drag the icon to the desired position, then move the others to be simple to use.

Once we have shown you how to place Settings items in this area, it is time to further improve it with Device Manager. It gets richer and more stuffed with the tools needed for the user.


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