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Tip: How to quickly copy a file's location in Windows 10

by ace
Tip: How to quickly copy a file's location in Windows 10

Anyone who uses Windows 10 on a daily basis knows that it has several hidden gems, but dedicated to improving its use. These are small tricks that, when used, guarantee a simpler and easier to use system.

Of the many we have already shown, it is clear that sometimes a menu or a shortcut key is enough for everything to change for the better. Today we reveal how they can easily copy the location of a file in Windows 10.

Little-known feature in Windows 10

The context menu is one of the simplest ways to access options and features associated with files. Just click with the right mouse button and a list of options appears, so that the user can manage them and even work.

In order to have some extra options in this menu, the user must use a simple key. By pressing Shift at the same time as calling the context menu, it will have some extra options that they can use.

Windows 10 copy context menu quickly

Everything is present in the context menu

For the task at hand, they will immediately recognize the option they should use. It is called Copy as path and saves the folder structure and the file name in memory. It is immediately ready to use anywhere.

In order to take advantage of this information that you have copied, you only need, for example, an app. When choosing to open a file, they do not need to browse the file structure. They only need to paste what they have collected in the field.

Windows 10 copy context menu quickly

You can quickly use this data anywhere

They can also use that same information to paste into any text file or elsewhere where they want to have that data present, or saved. The user will eventually find the best use for this data.

This is another perfect example of the great versatility that Windows 10 offers to users. The press of a single key completely changes the system and gives access to much more than is visible.


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