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Tip: How to use the Windows 10 calculator to convert between drives

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Tip: How to use the Windows 10 calculator to convert between drives

Windows 10 is packed with tools that are essential to users. Some go unnoticed because they are classic and appear to have not evolved when it comes to features or options.

One of these examples is in the Windows 10 calculator, which has recently been revamped and now has much more to offer users. One such example is the ability to convert between units without any complications.

Windows 10 Calculator has some secrets

Microsoft has done a unique job of creating new features in its apps. These have been revamped when it comes to interfaces, but in particular new options and features have been added.

With the calculator, Windows 10 received not only a graphical renewal, but also many additional functions. These improve the app and make it more useful in many ways. There are more functions and much more useful.

Windows 10 Calculator convert Microsoft drives

It is simple to convert between units

One of the novelties is in the conversion units. It has become possible to use the app to convert between units, in a wide range of measures. Just now open the side menu and access the Converter area.

Inside they can choose the measure they want to convert from the long list present. There are many that can be used, just define the type they want to use. The interface will change and display there within 2 fields.

Windows 10 Calculator convert Microsoft drives

Microsoft has made it simple to use this functionality

You can choose the base unit and the conversion unit here. All you need to do is expand each of the fields present and then choose the base and destination.

You then need to set the value to be converted. They can use the PC keyboard or simply the Windows 10 Calculator keyboard itself. The result comes immediately, already converted.

Windows 10 Calculator convert Microsoft drives

There is even more information present

In addition to this conversion, the calculator will also show in the footer a few more conversions within the same units. These can be used in the same way.

Here’s a great option for those who need to convert frequently, without having to install any external app. In addition to the many forms, there is also this important and simple utility to use.


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