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Tip: Is someone accessing your Gmail account? Google shows who there …

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As one of the most used email services on the Internet, Gmail is also one of the most attacked by anyone who wants to steal user accounts. Google usually addresses this issue, but access is not always controlled.

With the access to be done in many ways, not always through the browser or apps, it is difficult for the user to detect if someone is accessing his account. To help, Google has this information prominently displayed, although not everyone knows where. So, learn how to see if someone is accessing your Gmail account.

Is anyone accessing the Gmail account?

Managing and controlling access to your Gmail account is a simple process. Unfortunately we are not always able to do this, because we set up this account on several devices and access it on several platforms. In the midst of so much access, it can be tricky to detect improper access.

Google controls and monitors these accesses, alerting users in case of problems. It is an active situation and one that is usually quite efficient. However, to make it easier, they can know where and how access is being made.

Gmail account Google access access

Google gives you the information you need to know

Accessing Gmail through its web interface, there is useful and important information that you can consult. At the bottom, at the bottom and on the right, you will find the Details option. Here is also shown information regarding the last activity and also where the account is being used.

When choosing the Details option, a new window opens, showing the locations where the account is being used. In the form of a table, the type of access, location and IP, and the date and time of the last access are shown.

Gmail account Google access access

Improper access is quickly detected

Whenever possible, details of each of these accesses can be seen. Here you can see data from the app or browser that is accessing Gmail. The page can also be consulted Security check.

It is in this simple way that they can control who is accessing the Gmail account, anticipating problems and protecting themselves. Google appreciates this monitoring, as it is closer to the user and more realistic.


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