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Tip: It's time to handle notifications Gmail shows on Android

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Gmail notificações Android e-mail Google

Gmail is one of Google's premier services and a guaranteed presence on Android. As the email service it is, it ensures users' communications and focuses all their messages on you.

Who has a large activity in this service may end up receiving constant alerts. These may become unproductive and eventually prevent the correct use of the smartphone operating system. It is therefore imperative to control this element of Gmail on Android.

Android notifications should work to your advantage. They show the news in each of the apps of this system and give direct access to what is presented. They must therefore be controlled and undoubtedly kept at a pace which can be kept up.

Set up Gmail notifications

Anyone who receives a lot of email messages in Gmail is flooded with notifications, many of them unnecessary. It is therefore important to configure this element to be primarily in accordance with what the user wants.



This process begins by accessing Gmail Settings. Open the corresponding menu. in this app and choose this option. Then they should choose the account in which they are receiving the highest email flow.

Google email gets more useful

Next, and within this area, you should then choose Manage notifications. This option will give access to the management area of ​​this element in the settings of Android itself. Here you can change various options. The most important are mainly Notifications and Discrete Notifications.

Google email

Google email

The first option completely inhibits alerts and the second option removes them from alerts. They can also set Tracks display and lock screen display. Finally, decide if you want the vibration as well as if it can create interruptions.

Google's service gets simpler to use

You should change these settings to be as intended and with minimal interruptions. Only in this way are notifications useful and especially important for the user. By making this modification, they will certainly improve the productivity and usefulness of Google's own Gmail.


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