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Tip: Learn how to put two or more time zones on your macOS clock

by ace

MacOS, as expected, has a clock built into the operating system itself. However, you can add more time zones – two or even more – to your Mac.

This capability is not accessible natively, but it is possible to add it. For certain usage profiles, it will certainly be useful and mandatory!

MacOS, for Windows users, may initially appear confusing and unintuitive. Despite the first impression, both operating systems are complete and full of capabilities.

As is natural, all Mac computers with macOS have the date and time in the upper right corner. Natively, Apple allows you to configure this parameter automatically or manually. However, it is impossible to add more than one watch, something extremely useful for different time zones.

Tip: Learn how to put two or more time zones on your macOS clock

Thanks to community and developer initiatives, alternatives are created. So is the Clocker. Such software can be the solution for the most demanding users with this parameter!

Clocker brings more time zones to the macOS clock

Available for free at Mac App Store – and also in GitHub – Clocker allows you to add more time zones to macOS. This is a complementary application to the native clock, increasing the capabilities available to the user.

The highlight is accessibility, with an icon housed in the top bar. By clicking on the icon, the user can see the time for the desired time zone. However, the features don't stop there.

Tip: Learn how to set two or more time zones on your macOS Clocker Mac clock

It is also possible to set up reminders with alerts for a specific time zone. The calendar, embedded in the application and associated with the Apple calendar, will also present your appointments according to the different time zones.

In this way, we are facing an extremely useful tool for users who work and have to deal with various time zone changes in their agenda and appointments. Simply put, they have an ally in macOS that will help to increase organization and productivity.

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