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Tip: Problems using Teams? It is best to clear the cache of this Microsoft app

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Tip: Problems using Teams? It is best to clear the cache of this Microsoft app

The need for collaboration tools is essential at this point. Each one has already chosen their favorite and uses it to communicate with the world, thus remaining close to co-workers or family members.

For many, the choice fell on Teams, Microsoft's proposal for this area. Even though it is an app that consumes more resources than expected, it can handle the job. Still, problems can arise. See the simplest way to solve them.

How to fix the problems with this app

Teams is certainly one of several apps that stand out in this quarantine period. And the choice of many and therefore it is important to have this app under control and monitoring. Not being prone to known problems, it has some occasional flaws.

The simplest way to solve these problems is to delete this app's cache. This is a simple process, but it cannot be done within Teams. To do this, they must first close the Microsoft app, choosing this option in their interface.

Microsoft Teams cache app problems

Find the folder where the Teams cache is stored

The next step is to access the folder where this cache is located on the operating system. In the case of Windows, it is in% appdata% Microsoft Teams, just paste it into the file explorer.

In the case of macOS this cache is also accessible to be removed. In this system the chosen folder is ~ / Library / Application Support / Microsoft / Teams.

Microsoft Teams cache app problems

Improve Microsoft's proposal and what it offers

It remains then to select all those files and folders and simply delete them. This process will not remove any files needed for Teams, so the app will have no problem. It will only require that a new authentication be made later when it is launched.

If you have to switch accounts or if you notice abnormal slowness in Teams, the ideal is to carry out this process. Problems should disappear and this app should be back up and running without any problems.


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