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Tip: Problems with games on Windows 10? There is a solution that can help you

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Tip: Problems with games on Windows 10? There is a solution that can help you

The versatility of Windows 10 allows it to be used in various scenarios. As quickly as it is a working machine, it becomes a console dedicated to the games and entertainment that users want and need.

This last mode is the most demanding in terms of resources and hardware. Whenever there are problems, they are quickly detected and there is a way that can help in these moments. Learn how to solve problems with games in Windows 10.

A well-identified problem

Starting from the idea that these machines dedicated to games have dedicated and chosen hardware, their performance will have to be the best. Of course, they need Windows 10 to do their best and be trouble free.

This does not always happen, as it has, however, been shown recently. Many users report that the performance of Windows 10 is far from expected, associating this situation with the drivers for AMD's Radeon RX 5000 video cards.

The solution to get the games

The reports that exist say the problem affects games like Call of Duty: Warzone or League of Legends. In these, the PC simply locks up at random and cannot be used until manually restarted.

While the solution is not presented by Microsoft or AMD itself, there is a solution that most of those affected are using. It is simple to apply and has been having very satisfactory results in solving the problem.

Windows 10 problems games solution

A simple definition of Windows 10

Start by opening Windows 10 Settings, directly from the Start Menu. Inside, of the various options present and available to be used, you must choose the one that has the name Games.

Once inside this area, you must choose the Game Mode tab from the list on the left. This will change the options on the right side and show a single option. This is called Game Mode and should be disabled.

Windows 10 games solution problems

Everything should be resolved soon

The improvement should not be immediate, since the games are not being played. However, and when playing, the reported problems should immediately disappear and Windows 10 should perform better when it comes to stability.

You should keep this mode disabled until AMD releases new drivers to address this issue. At that moment they can bring the game mode back and thus have the improvements that Microsoft has for Windows 10.


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